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Direct Access issues with PNC

We have discovered PNC accounts failing with Error 429 as the PNC website is throwing the following exception: “In order to link to your PNC account, we require verification of account ownership as an additional security measure. Account ownership must be verified using a one-time passcode sent directly to your mobile device.” First, please sign…

Apple Card cannot be supported with Direct Access.

Currently Apple Card accounts are only accessible via the Apple Wallet app. Unfortunately, we cannot support mobile sites based with iOS access only as of now. Apple Card accounts would need to be updated manually in Banktivity until this changes.

A message to our UK/EU users regarding Direct Access

We have recently learned from our Direct Access backend provider that as of September 14th, 2019, IGG Software will be unable to support Direct Access for many Banking and Credit Card accounts held at UK and EU financial institutions. Loans, Mortgages, Bills, Stocks, and Insurance accounts will continue to be supported. This interruption in service…

Crash after updating to Banktivity 7.2.1 for iPhone or iPad

We have discovered a bug where Banktivity 7.2.1 will crash with Face ID enabled. Until we have the issue resolved, you can disable Face ID, open your document, then turn Face ID back on. Here are the steps: Open the Settings app on your iPhone/iPadScroll down and tap on Face ID & PasscodeEnter your device…

Capital One 360 accounts not downloading new transactions

We have had several reports of issues with downloading from Capital One 360 recently. It appears Capital One 360 accounts are being merged over to Capital One now. If you attempt to set up your account(s) choosing “Capital One”, instead of “Capital One 360” you should be able to connect successfully. Note: Credit Card accounts…

Cannot connect with American Express

If you are having issues setting up automatic downloading with your American Express card account, please try choosing “American Express Cards” specifically from the list of banks, with the “s” at the end. This listing should allow you to connect successfully.

How do I delete my Direct Access banks and cloud sync data from IGG Software’s servers?

If you would like to remove your connected accounts from Direct Access and/or delete your data from our Cloud Sync server, please follow these instructions. Please note, if you do this there is no “undo” and your data will not be recoverable. Normally people only want to do this if they have decided they no…

Direct Access issues with American Express

If you are having issues setting up downloading for your American Express account please try “American Express Cards” specifically from the list of banks during the set up process (not “American Express Card”). Most American Express customers have better success using the “American Express Cards” option.