Chances are, you’ve seen the Bill Murray movie where he relives Groundhog Day (hence, the title) over and over again. He repeats the same day until he learns a valuable lesson. One that will change the course of his life and help him achieve his most precious goals.  Well for If you’re like most people,… Read More

“Nothing in life is free; you always pay in the end.” – Wayne Static Despite claims that apps are free, that is often not the case. Every owner is looking to monetize their apps, so it’s important to understand the hidden costs of so-called free apps. Here are four drawbacks: 1. Privacy, privacy, privacy The… Read More

This is probably the first time you’ve lived away from home and you are about to find out first-hand how expensive life is. Before heading off, you should look at all the costs you know you will incur and then set a budget for the key buckets such as food, books, rent, and socializing and then try to stick to that budget.… Read More

Should you refinance your home? This is a big question on a lot of people’s minds. If you have been watching mortgage rates you have seen them fall and rise pretty drastically during the pandemic. So you ask yourself, is now the time to pull the trigger and refinance? My family bought our home about… Read More

This Personal Finance 101 blog post was written by guest author, Stewart McGrenary, Managing Director of, specializing in recycling and retail of refurbished iPads, MacBooks, iPhones and other tech devices. Apple’s iPad refined the tablet formula with every entry for the past ten years to become the most popular tablet. Such a versatile device can… Read More

Buying a new car can be scary. My family has been casually looking for a new car and while looking around I am finding that it would be much more economical to purchase from a private seller, but it’s nerve-racking. I’ve gained some insight into the process of buying a new used car that I… Read More

With people staying home more during the coronavirus pandemic, they are taking up hobbies. Many people have started to plant gardens reminiscent of the WWI and WWII era victory gardens. Victory gardens were planted on private and public land during war times to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by war… Read More

The coronavirus pandemic has everyone staying home a lot more than they used to. People are spending their days differently based on their situations. Some parents have become full-time teachers for their children even while working from home. Some folks are drinking fine wines and craft brews and others are enjoying baking bread or learning… Read More