With the Holidays close at hand, we thought it was the perfect time to share some gift ideas for your children. We wanted to focus on gifts that not only won’t break the bank, but also help hone your child’s mental skills. So here is a list of five great gift ideas to make your loved ones smarter, each less than $20.  Tried and tested, these gift ideas have brought endless fun to everyone in our entire family. (Okay, actually, one time Ian tried to play Dragonwood with his three year old and that was pretty much a disaster and no fun at all. So lesson learned, stick to the recommended age requirements for maximum enjoyment.)

First up, Dragonwood. Available on Amazon for $14.99*, it’s sure to bring you and your family many hours of fun. A card game of imagination that also requires some strategic thinking and a little bit of luck. Officially the ages are 8+, but 6-7 year olds with some coaching will do just fine. Ian should have read this review and he would have known better than to try it with his three old! You can think of this game as an early precursor to Dungeons & Dragons.



#2: Offbits. Offbits are made of high quality, durable, real hardware (think nuts, bolts, springs, etc.). They introduce your child to mechanics and hone their fine motor skills, all while  promoting creativity and invention. Four robots can be purchased for maximum interchangeability at $14.99 each. Recommend ages are 6-12.





#3: Hanayama Puzzles. These are great! My whole family has spent hours trying to solve them. Even when we have company over they find themselves trying to solve the mystery instead of chatting with cousin Joe. (Now that I write this, maybe this means puzzles promote anti-social behavior! Gah!) These 3D puzzles are brain teasers that come in a range of difficulty levels: from level 1 all the way up to level 6. That hardest level will have you boggled for weeks, maybe even months! Ages 4+ depending on level. Some puzzles may pose a choking hazard for children 3 and under. Prices start at $8.




#4: The 4M Solar Robot Kit. A great gift to introduce green energy, robotics and mechanics to your budding young mind. Geared towards ages 8-10, but some 7 year olds might be ready for the challenge.  Several kits to choose from with a decent price point of $14-$18. Again, small parts to keep away from younger children.




#5: Baby Einstein Toys. We didn’t forget about those little ones either. If you haven’t heard of Baby Einstein, it’s a wonderful product line for babies and toddlers. Their line of toys is made to nurture the curiosity of young children.  From videos to toys, there is something for every child, and they really do love them! Here we feature the “Discover and Play Piano”, priced at $14.99.



We love hearing about the toys, games, puzzles and gifts that you’ve felt were particularly awesome for your kiddos. Please, share your wins in the comments!


Wishing you and all of your family a happy holidays from all of us here at IGG Software! Here’s to more fun, play and joy, and making dreams come true!


*Disclaimer, we do not receive any compensation for the above linked toy ideas. We just hope you enjoy them!


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