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Banktivity Overview

Overview: Banktivity 5 at a Glance

Running time: 2:51

Banktivity 5 sets a new standard for advanced, full-featured personal finance software. Monitor account balances at a glance, pay bills online, track your investments, maintain budgets, and manage your credit cards, savings, checking and loans — all in an easy, powerful, familiar Mac interface.

Quicken Import Tutorial

Importing Your Quicken Data Into Banktivity 5

Running time: 3:27

If you're a new Banktivity user who formerly used Quicken — or someone who's considering a switch — Banktivity 5's improved set-up assistant makes it easy to transfer accounts, transactions, categories and investment data. Importing from Essentials or other versions of Quicken, whether on a Mac or a PC, takes just a few simple steps.

Account Setup Tutorial

Setting Up Your Accounts in Banktivity 5

Running time: 3:35

You can add your financial accounts to Banktivity and download current transactions from those accounts online using two basic methods. "Direct download" requires set-up in advance, but then uses a streamlined import process. "Web download" works with financial institutions that don't offer the direct option, by accessing your accounts in a web browser. It's easier than it sounds, and this short video shows you how.

Account Update Tutorial

Updating Accounts in Banktivity 5

Running time: 7:04

Updating your accounts in Banktivity 5 is seamless and powerful. Now you can download data automatically, eliminate duplicate transactions in the background, and make adjustments on the fly so that Banktivity gets smarter over time. With badges, Import Rules, Transaction Templates and the new Resolve View, your accounts will be more up-to-date and accurate than ever.

Cloud Sync Tutorial

Syncing Data with Banktivity Cloud Sync

Running time: 2:13

Our new Cloud Sync service for Banktivity is designed from the ground up to offer secure, seamless integration between Banktivity on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Get started by uploading a document from any device, then access your document in the cloud from all your other devices. Changes sync quickly and securely - it doesn't get any easier than this!

Bill Pay Tutorial

Online Bill Pay in Banktivity 5

Running time: 5:59

When your bank accommodates this service from third party software, Banktivity 5 lets you pay bills online. We'll show you how to get your accounts configured, how to set up payees and enter payment details, how to integrate payments with scheduled transactions, and how to review or cancel payments in progress. In Banktivity, it's all fast and simple.

Direct Access Tutorial

Using Direct Access in Banktivity 5

Running time: 5:18

Direct Access is an optional subscription service that offers a more advanced method of keeping your financial records current, automatically updating transactions from over 10,000 banks worldwide. A 30-day trial lets you see how it makes tracking your finances more convenient, especially if any of your banks don't support direct download via OFX. We'll show you to how to sign up for a Banktivity ID and how to set up your accounts with Direct Access, which you can use with Banktivity 5 and Banktivity for iPad.

Budget Tutorial

Creating a New Budget With Banktivity 5

Running time: 6:02

Using the power of categories, Banktivity 5's all-new budget section makes it easy to visualize your daily finances, to monitor your spending and to plan savings. Easily integrate scheduled income and bills, track progress as you move through each month, and make changes to future budget periods while being able to review past budgets accurately. Here's how.

Envelope Budget Tutorial

Envelope Budgeting in Banktivity 5

Running time: 6:11

Envelope budgeting provides an intuitive, easy-to-visualize method to monitor your regular spending and build savings. Set expense categories, use income to fill your envelopes, apply scheduled transactions automatically, move cash as needed, adjust budgets on the fly and track your progress with ease.

Tax Preparation Tutorial

Preparing Your Taxes with Banktivity 5

Running time: 4:00

Banktivity simplifies tax time! This tutorial guides you through the advantages of categorizing tax-related transactions, the use of tax codes, generating a U.S. Tax Report, the benefits of additional reports such as Category Detail, Payee Summary and Net Worth, transmitting files to a tax professional, and exporting data to tax preparation software such as TurboTax.

Investment Tutorial

Investment Account Setup in Banktivity 5

Running time: 8:29

Creating and managing investment accounts in Banktivity take a few more steps than other account types. We'll show you how to set up your investment accounts, how to manage your investment transactions, how to fill in the gaps in an incomplete transaction history, how to account for cash balances and more.

Reports Tutorial

Using Reports in Banktivity 5

Running time: 4:32

Banktivity 5 uses a convenient set of built-in templates to generate powerful, flexible financial reports. Create reports on your accounts, income, spending, investments, net worth and more; drill down for transaction details; export data to spreadsheets; customize your categories, date ranges or other criteria; save or print your reports; and dynamically update them as you like. We'll show you how.

Scheduled Transaction Tutorial

Using Scheduled Transactions in Banktivity 5

Running time: 6:46

Scheduled transactions allow you to have clear picture of upcoming income and expenses. Here we'll show you multiple ways to create, modify and apply your scheduled transactions, as well as how they can be a powerful part of your budgets. You'll also learn how to process upcoming transactions or how to delete them from your schedules.

Note that the reconciling and check printing tutorials for iBank 4 are still relevant for Banktivity 5.
You'll find these videos and other tutorials for version 4 on our YouTube channel.

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