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Banktivity 5 gives you all the tools you need to secure your financial future.


  • Account types: Checking, savings, cash, credit cards, loans, assets, liabilities, lines of credit, money market, investments, and 401k accounts can all be managed in Banktivity.
  • Debt/loan management: Keep tabs on your loans with Banktivity 5's improved set of debt management tools. Track interest vs. principal, variable interest rates and payment schedules more accurately, and incorporate loans in your budgets.
  • Hide/show accounts: Keep your finances clutter-free by hiding unused accounts. Your historical records stay just a few clicks away, stored unobtrusively.
  • Smart accounts: Like iTunes for your money - dynamically view transactions according to account, payee, memo, amount, and/or category information.
  • Account groups: Organize your accounts into folders to reduce clutter and total up your balances quickly.
  • Account details: Set a minimum balance, link to your bank's webpage, store your account number for reference, keep notes about the account and much more.


  • Streamlined input: Edit transactions directly in the account register using a familiar check-style editor. Banktivity 5 offers improved keyboard entry for mouse-free record-keeping!
  • FaceTime camera integration: Snap a photo with your camera (or choose any image, PDF or file on your Mac) and attach it to a transaction for a visual record of your purchase - and hit the space bar to pop images up via QuickLook.
  • An ounce of prevention: Editing existing transactions requires confirmation, so that you don't accidentally change your records when you thought you were adding new ones.
  • Searching: Show only the transactions you want to see by using the search box to locate specific information. Banktivity 5 also lets you filter transactions by date range or cleared status.
  • Split transactions: When is the last time you only bought groceries at the grocery store? Divide any transaction into several parts and categorize each one separately for more accurate record-keeping.
  • Transaction templates: Tired of typing in the same deposit over and over again? Let Banktivity do some of the work for you - it will automatically create templates based on each transaction you enter and make suggestions as you type based on those templates.
  • Scheduled transactions: Easily turn any transaction into a repeating event (like those darn utility bills). Banktivity can alert you when the transaction is due to be posted to your account by putting them straight into the Reminders app.
  • Resolve view: This handy new view groups new, matched or uncleared transactions together so you can see what's come in and what's outstanding.
  • Statements: Reconcile your Banktivity accounts with the paper statements you receive from your bank using a familiar statement-like interface.
  • Check printing: Fully configurable templates allow you to print your Banktivity transactions to any check stock, or print the whole check to plain paper!


  • Inline importing: Newly streamlined, there's no more import window in Banktivity 5. Instead, your imported transactions go directly to your register, marked as NEW or MATCHED. Our advanced matching algorithm makes sure duplicates don't appear.
  • Direct download: With more robust OFX import than ever, connect directly to hundreds of financial institutions online to download transaction updates automatically and securely.
  • Web download: No direct download support for your bank? Log in to your financial institution's website using Banktivity's integrated browser and download transactions to import, all without ever leaving Banktivity.
  • Direct Access: This powerful, optional subscription service automatically updates accounts from over 10,000 banks and financial institutions worldwide and syncs that data to your iPad - all for as little as 11 cents a day.
  • Import from Quicken: A new importing engine easily moves your data from Quicken (for PC or Mac), preserving accounts, transactions, categories, investments, security prices and transfers. Switch from Quicken Essentials, Microsoft Money, and many other financial management programs too - supported file formats include QIF, QMTF, OFX and QFX.
  • Update everything: Use the single "Update Everything" button on the toolbar to sync devices, fetch transactions for all of your accounts, get Direct Access data and update stock prices. Or set Banktivity 5 to update automatically when you open a document.
  • Import rules: Tired of the junk your bank puts into the transactions you download? Clean up and categorize your transactions before importing them - Banktivity will learn from the changes you make, edit multiple instances simultaneously, and automatically clean up your data the next time you import.


  • Fully customizable: Assign categories (and sub-categories) to your transactions to be able to track them in reports and budgets. Use Banktivity's built-in category sets for home or business, or create your own!
  • Multiple hierarchies: Organize your categories in groups for more effective record-keeping. When creating a report, choose whether to include individual sub-categories or just the main category for overall totals.
  • Tax support: Categories can be assigned tax codes for easy reference, and Banktivity includes a list of US tax codes and their descriptions. When tax time arrives, export data on your tax categories to TXF format for use with TurboTax or other tax software.

File Management

  • Portability: Store all of your account data in a single document (data file) for easy backup or transfer. Easily create multiple data files for different users.
  • Password protection: Prevent unauthorized access to your data by requiring a password every time your Banktivity document is opened. To encrypt your data, simply turn on Apple's FileVault.
  • Multiple windows: We all love single-window iTunes-style interfaces, but sometimes you want to compare two different sets of data side-by-side. With Banktivity 5, you can open any account register or report in a separate window.

Online Bill Pay

  • Built-in bill pay: Now Banktivity lets you pay your bills from within the app, from bank accounts set up with direct downloads/OFX.
  • Set and forget: Once you've set up a payee, send a new payment with a couple of clicks. Track payments in progress, cancel if necessary, watch your transactions appear in the account's register.
  • Never miss a bill: Integrate your bills and scheduled payments to be sure you pay everything on time. Goodbye late fees!

Multiple Currencies

  • Work in any currency: By default, Banktivity uses your native currency as indicated in Mac OS X System Preferences. Create accounts in any currency and apply currency conversions to your transactions as needed.
  • Download exchange rates: Retrieve up-to-date exchange rates over the Internet at the click of a button.
  • Currency conversion: Transfer money between accounts that use two different currencies, then adjust the amounts on either side of the transfer to have Banktivity automatically calculate the exchange rate. Best of all, figures in reports and budgets are converted automatically using Banktivity's current exchange rates.


  • Investment types: Track stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, CDs, money market funds, precious metals, commodities, and stock options with ease. You can also enter watchlist items and indices for quick reference.
  • Quote downloading: Automatically retrieve up-to-date quotes from Yahoo! Finance at the click of a button. International exchanges are supported too.
  • Security management: Check the current market value and price history for each of your securities at a glance, adjust security names and ticker symbols, and check the performance of indices.
  • Investment reports: Easily generate reports to analyze your capital gains (realized and unrealized), security income, portfolio diversity, and return on investment (ROI). Check the current market value of your portfolio and drill down into any security to view details of your investment activity over time.
  • Expert trading: Banktivity 5 now lets you categorize investment transactions. Banktivity also supports short and long puts and calls, stock option trading, bonds and more.


  • The facts you need, at a glance: Banktivity's Overview "dashboard" shows key financial info including net worth, account balances, upcoming bills and deposits, top recent spending categories, budget update, investment highlights and personal savings rate. And new Account Summary pages provide users with customizable, at-a-glance views of their individual accounts, based on account type. For example: investment account summary screens show cost basis, internal rate of return, gains and losses, allocation types and more; credit card accounts display balance due, interest rates, spending by category and other data.
  • Fast, powerful, and easy: See the information you need within a couple of clicks, creating instant reports that automatically format pie charts, bar graphs and tables, and update dynamically as you make changes to your data.
  • Built-in templates: Using flexible report templates, analyze your spending habits by category or payee, account balances over time, investment returns, taxable spending and debt management.
  • Layers of detail: Drill down into any report to see more detail, such as amounts, categories or dates, and print exactly what you see onscreen, in full color - or go paperless and save any report as a PDF.
  • See what's coming: Use scheduled transactions to forecast account balances, set reminders and see spending projections into the future.
  • Export to spreadsheet: Send data from your report tables to common spreadsheet programs such as Numbers or Excel.


  • Event-based budgeting: Build your budget around real-world events like regular paychecks and monthly bills, all while having the flexibility to expect the unexpected. Emergency home repairs or fluctuations in your grocery bills? Track it all at a glance with great graphs and charts.
  • Category budgeting: Choose a budget that suits your style! Category-style budgeting allows you to set goals for earning and spending in different categories, plan for upcoming expenses, and check your progress throughout the budget period.
  • Envelope budgets: Alternately, use popular envelope-style budgeting. Save money in virtual "envelopes" to cover your regular expenses, carry over savings from month to month, and transfer cash between envelopes to balance out fluctuations in your budget.
  • Plan, compare, review: Regardless of your budgeting method, you can review your performance against current and past budgets using the budget vs. actual report, schedule bills readily, incorporate reminders effortlessly, adjust budgeted amounts on the fly without throwing off past budgets, and use multiple budgets to track different sets of categories for different goals.


  • Banktivity Cloud Sync: Banktivity 5 data can sync to another copy of Banktivity or to multiple iOS versions of Banktivity via the Banktivity Cloud Sync service. Keep your finances current and your information at hand. Sync budgets, investments, accounts and transactions to Banktivity for iPad or Banktivity for iPhone. Check balances, enter transactions on the go and update accounts — at any time and from anywhere. (Apps sold separately at the App Store.)
  • Banktivity Investor: Sync investment accounts from Banktivity 5 to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or add securities manually. Track lots, transactions, prices and values, all in one place. Free at the App store.

Other Features

  • Gorgeous interface: Track your finances in style! The streamlined account register lets you browse transactions with their associated images, and easy-to-read reports, budgets and charts make managing your money a pleasure, not a chore.
  • Summary pane: See up-to-date totals of your assets, liabilities, and net worth in the bottom-left corner of the main window, along with your next three upcoming scheduled transactions. Click a button to replace this view with a miniature graph of your net worth over the past six months.
  • Maximum performance: Banktivity is optimized for 64-bit architecture and Retina displays to make full use of your Mac's hardware.

See how Banktivity 5 compares to Quicken for Mac 2015, Mint, MoneyWiz, MoneyWell, Moneydance, or YNAB.

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