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iBiz has been discontinued.

I am sad to announce that, despite all the work our team has put into iBiz and iBiz Pro over the last decade, we are no longer able to give these apps the attention they deserve. It's been fun, iBiz, you've helped many, including all of our internal team who keep track of their hours with it. And so it is not with a light heart that I say, it is time to say goodbye.

We are officially ceasing development of iBiz. It doesn't run on Mavericks and the work to make it play nice would be a huge undertaking. We've thought about this for a long time and once we finally decided on what we needed to do, we wanted to let all of you know ASAP. We will still continue to provide technical support for our existing customers for another year. But we won't be releasing any more updates and it will no longer be for sale.

I want to extend a personal thanks to all of the iBiz customers we’ve had through the years. You helped us make a great product and I apologize for the inconvenience this news might cause.

–Ian Gillespie, Founder (excerpted from the Developers' Blog 10/4/13)

Download links for existing customers: