Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is your software compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)?
Yes! The latest versions of iBank 4 and iBiz 4 are fully compatible with Lion. Older versions of our software, including iPaste, have not been extensively tested under Lion and may not perform reliably. If you expect to upgrade your operating system to 10.7, please upgrade iBiz and iBank first, as some users have reported problems upgrading their data after Lion has already been installed. For more information about iBank 2 and 3 under Lion, see this forum topic.

Special note to Quicken users: If you are planning to switch from Quicken 2007 to iBank 4, please be sure to export your Quicken data to a QIF file before upgrading your operating system. Once Lion is installed, you will not be able to launch Quicken 2007 in order to export your data. If you already upgraded and cannot import your Quicken data into iBank, please contact us for assistance. For more information about Quicken and iBank, see this page.
Where is my registration code?
It is embedded in the text of the email with its subject line beginning, "Thanks for purchasing...," which you should have received after completing your order. Please allow 24 hours for order processing. If you have lost your code or cannot locate the email containing it, please use the form at right or send an email to and we will attempt to recover your information.
What is your upgrade policy and how do I upgrade?
We don't charge for upgrades until we release a full unit incremental release. For example, upgrading from iBiz 2.1 to iBiz 2.2 is free, while 2.x to 3.x would require purchasing an upgrade registration key.
To download the latest version, go to the appropriate product page and click the "Download" button. The downloaded version will work in demo mode if you are not registered or it will recognize that you already registered and you will be ready to go!
Do I qualify for a free upgrade to iBank 4?
All iBank 3 orders placed between July 20 and September 14, 2010, qualify for a free upgrade to iBank 4. If you purchased iBank 3 from our online store or upgraded to iBank 3 directly through the software, a license code for iBank 4 was included with your receipt. You may now download iBank 4 and register it using the license code in your receipt. If you purchased iBank 3 from a retail store after July 20, 2010, please scan your dated purchase receipt and email it to When we receive your proof of purchase, we will send you a free license for iBank 4. Retail purchases dated between January 14, 2008, and July 20, 2010, qualify for a free upgrade to iBank version 3.
I'm a registered user of iBank 2. Can I upgrade to iBank 3 for free?
Anyone who purchased iBank 2 from our online store (including orders placed directly through the software) between January 14 and February 26, 2008, is eligible for a free upgrade to iBank 3. Please forward a copy of your confirmation email to When we receive your proof of purchase, we will send you a free license for iBank 3.
I am a registered owner of iBiz, is there a discount upgrade path to iBiz Professional?
We can offer you a $40 discount (the value of an additional client license) if you want to upgrade to iBiz Pro. Just contact us via email, and we will send you a coupon code to use with your iBiz Professional purchase.
Where is my order? I haven't received anything in the mail....
We don't ship any physical products. After purchasing, you will receive an email containing your registration code. Download the correct application from our website and enter your registration code to unlock the trial restrictions.
Do you accept PayPal?
No, we are currently not accepting PayPal payments for our software.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on all software purchased through our online store. Purchase a license, register the software, and use it unrestricted for up to three months. If you are not satisfied for any reason, email us at and we will refund the purchase in full. Please note that we can only accept returns for products purchased via our online store - purchases made from the iTunes Store, Mac App Store, and retail stores such as the Apple Store, Office Depot, or are subject to those stores' refund policies.
I have a killer feature request, will you implement it?
Possibly. Please send feature requests to and we will certainly consider it. Many of our programs' features are a result of user feedback.
Do you offer any sort of educational and/or military discount?
Yes, both. Full-time students and faculty who can submit proof of their educational affiliation are eligible for 20% off purchases made through our online store. For students, we typically request a copy of your registration receipt or course schedule; for faculty, a scan of your ID card or a link to your online staff profile. US military personnel, please scan your military ID card and email it to us to receive a 20% discount. Send your information to us at and we'll send you back a coupon code which you can to redeem the discount when you submit your order at our online store.
Will your applications work for non-U.S. customers?
Yes, all of our applications should work regardless of your location. In most cases our programs use your currency and format settings from System Preferences. Our software is written in English, but iBank 3 has also been translated into French. We have thousands of users in over 50 countries successfully using our products.